NC State & Brunswick County Tax Incentives & Financing Programs for New and Expanding Eligible Business

The Brunswick County Economic Development Commission recognizes the need to provide programs and financial support to strengthen and diversify the County’s economy.  The Brunswick County Economic Development Incentives Policy is designed to stimulate private sector investment, economic growth and job creation in Brunswick County by defining incentives available for both new industry and the expansion of existing industry.  These incentives may be awarded at the discretion of the Brunswick County Economic Development Commission.  Additional incentives may be available to new and expanding industries upon approval of the Brunswick County Board of Commissioners.

Brunswick County works with our state economic development allies at the Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina to develop an incentives package to meet the needs of our clients.  Additional information on the incentives available in North Carolina, from business resources and human resources to natural resources, designed to give companies a competitive advantage can be found here. Along with our financial incentives for economic development, be sure to consider the other incentives that North Carolina has to offer your company.